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Here comes the main stage schedule!

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Published on 19/06/2012 - Edition 2012

You were eager for it and the schedule is coming! After the J.E. Live House, the main stage unveils its events: fashion, Cosplay, dance, music… Awesome!


The five girls of Momoiro Clover Z open the party and offer a hearty introduction to the number 1 show for many among you: Cosplay!

Later, dance has pride of honor with Sakura never dies.

Thursday’s schedule



On its second day, the main stage opens with a half-contemporary, half-traditional show about the birth of Japan, KOJIKI 1300.

Then back to Cosplay with a Cosplay Show and the French selections of the World Cosplay Summit.

As for fashion, don’t miss the first Young Designer Fashion Springboard of the festival and FET Association’s Kawaii show.

To finish with, attend Professor Sakamoto’s showcase and if you missed Sakura never dies, you can make up for it.

Friday’s schedule



Two great events are planned on Saturday: the most expected European Cosplay Gathering 2012 finals and the Manga guest of honor conference, Naoki URASAWA! The sacred monster of Manga, author of 20th Century Boys, Monster and Pluto, is on stage to talk about his work and career, and offer a live drawing session.

Fashion is back with a Young Designer Fashion Springboard and the AOI Clothing fashion show.

Saturday’s schedule



Last but not least, Sunday offers THE fashion event you can’t miss: HARAJUKU KAWAII!!! In Paris Fashion Show. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu gives a showcase during the show! A last Young Designer Fashion Springboard complete the Japan Fashion Days events of the year.

The European Cosplay Gathering launches its third edition on the main stage with the first selections among French Cosplayers.

Sunday’s schedule


The whole main stage schedule


The missing parts will be completed soon
and the rest of the schedule will be given this week!



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risa, 16 years, argenteuil
risa, 16 years, argenteuil
mais c'est la fête !!!
Published on 30/06/2012 à 10:13
Shouka, 17 years, Vigneux
Shouka, 17 years, Vigneux
Un défilé à la Kyaryyyyy ♥. Faut que je vois ça !
Published on 21/06/2012 à 17:32
Lulubell Lya, 18 years, Sannois
Lulubell Lya, 18 years, Sannois
Oh yeah~ Vivement dimanche... I want to see Kyary! (:
Published on 21/06/2012 à 16:15

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