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Great amateur film contest!

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Published on 13/04/2011 - Edition 2011

The Noob team is always happy to organize this excellent contest for every young film-maker. This year, be ready to participate!

Here it is! The great contest of amateur film comes back! Organized in partnership with Noob, as always, you can now send two videos!

The ultimate deadline is June 15th. So, you have two months to make your movies. Don't wait any longer!

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Ailbhe, 22 years
Ailbhe, 22 years
Deux mois... Wow, ça va être chaud patate... Mais on y croit ! :D
Published on 28/04/2011 à 11:40
pico, 23 years
pico, 23 years
Bon ben je sais ce qu'il me reste a faire...^_^
Published on 17/04/2011 à 18:04
Lysia, 22 years, VILLE
Lysia, 22 years, VILLE
Faut sortir les caméra au plus vite ^^ Pas le courage de participer à ce genre de concours XD
Published on 14/04/2011 à 19:48

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