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Get a taste of calligraphy

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Published on 29/04/2011 - Edition 2011

Japan Expo allows you to try many aspects of Japanese culture: try calligraphy and Sumi-e painting thanks to Manda’s workshop!

© All rights reserved Come and meet Manda, a disciple of the greatest calligraphy and Sumi-e masters: he will teach you Japanese calligraphy and how to feel and lead the brush.

Let yourself be seduced by the mysterious beauty of the shapes!


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aledu02, 22 years
aledu02, 22 years
super !!!
Published on 04/05/2011 à 11:03
Furumi, 21 years, Paris
Furumi, 21 years, Paris
Trop bien !! *w*
Published on 02/05/2011 à 20:59
Setsuki, 20 years
Setsuki, 20 years
Woah, j'en suis, c'est génial, merci beaucoup ^^
Published on 30/04/2011 à 10:22

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