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Fun and games to test your Otaku culture

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Published on 14/05/2011 - Edition 2011

Fun, fun, and still more fun!!! That's what you’ll find on the booth of Forum Thalie and the Brigade SOS Francophone.

© All rights reserved You're a fan of Haruhi SUZUMIYA? You want to test your knowledge of Otaku and geek cultures, or of the universe of Japanese animation and video games in general?

Quizzes, dance demonstrations and classes, artistic contests or video games challenges... For Japan Expo, the members of Brigade SOS Francophone and Forum Thalie are preparing you loads of surprises for you!


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Day-crash, 25 years, La Teste de Buch
Day-crash, 25 years, La Teste de Buch
Sympa, a voir ^^
Published on 16/05/2011 à 10:07
lounis, Vimoutiers
C'est sympa !
Published on 15/05/2011 à 13:55
Akio, Paris
Akio, Paris
Oh c'est sympa ! Je crois que c'est une chorégraphie de la Brigade SOS que j'ai vu l'année dernière ! C'était assez amusant... (:
Published on 14/05/2011 à 12:48

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