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Exclusive activities for fans of pop and traditional culture

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Published on 24/06/2011 - Edition 2011

Asian'EFREI, the association of Asian cultures is back at Japan Expo! Whether you prefer traditional or pop culture, you’ll enjoy yourself!

© All rights reserved The association Asian'EFREI is a group of passionate students who organize in their school Aki Parties, open to everyone and focused on many aspects of Asian culture: Karaoke, video games, movies, games and traditional arts.

For the 12th Impact, the attendees will find many exclusive activities in the festival : quizzes about Japanese culture and Manga, puzzles, traditional card games or projections of Japanese reality TV...


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Kîsa31, 18 years
Oh yes ! :D
Published on 24/06/2011 à 20:27
ladragonniere, 21 years, Clermont Créans
ladragonniere, 21 years, Clermont Créans
Pas mal !!
Published on 24/06/2011 à 20:03
ChoMelania, 25 years, Senlis
ChoMelania, 25 years, Senlis
J'irai sûrement y jeter un oeil si je peux^^
Published on 24/06/2011 à 19:22

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