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Comics talents at Japan Expo!

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Published on 18/06/2010 - Edition

The publisher Ankama Éditions allows you to meet five artists: Ancestral Z, Dara, Maliki, Florent Maudoux and Raf!

A strong taste for absurd and a graphic style inspired from American animation series... After his studies, Ancestral Z worked for Ankama Éditions where he drew for the Manga DOFUS and worked with Mojojo on Chaosland.


Dara has been scribbling since he was a child, has been devouring comics and cartoons. After working in video games for several years, he took the plunge in 2009 and published his first MangaAppartement 44



Maliki was born in 1995 on a paper sheet. Tired of seeing herself badly drawn, she decided to draw herself, between anecdotes, memories, kicks and snapshots!



After an animation training in the Disney studios, Florent MAUDOUX worked on comics, mixing French-Belgium bande dessinée with the graphic codes of Manga and comic books.


Trash, punky, a bit mind-expanding but no bad taste, the style Rafchan is Raf's mark. She is an artist who has things to tell and who does it with sensitivity, strength and humor.



Ankama Éditions organizes its own individual Cosplay contest on the theme of DOFUS and Wakfu. Everyday at 4.00 p.m. on ANKAMA's booth for the photo call.

You can also try the drawing contest by coming on the dedicated area. One rule: your drawing has to be related to the universes of Ankama. Come and try to win gifts!


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Ancestral Z, Dara, Maliki, Florent MAUDOUX and Raf!

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Day-crash, 25 years, La Teste de Buch
Day-crash, 25 years, La Teste de Buch
je pense qu'il y aura un espace dessin (d'ailleur il faut !) comme l'an dernier ^^
Published on 28/06/2010 à 20:09
Nussiga ! , 17 years
Nussiga ! , 17 years
Où est l'espace dédié pour le concours de dessin ? Il y en a-t-il un en particulier ? Je voudrait bien essayer,meme si je ne suis pas fan de Ankama >.>""
Published on 26/06/2010 à 20:35
Ageha, 27 years, Paris
Ageha, 27 years, Paris
Rah non pas Maliki >.> . une séance dédicace à mettre sur mon programme x_x
Published on 23/06/2010 à 11:56

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