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At last, the martial art you can't miss: Karate

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Published on 29/05/2012 - Edition 2012

As the most famous Japanese martial arts in the world, Karate is present for years at Japan Expo. The Karate French Federation invites you to demonstrations and introduction sessions.

© All rights reserved The Karate French Federation invites you on the Tatami to teach you the basis of this famous martial art. In addition to the traditional Karate, you will get to know a rather unusual discipline. Body Karate combines Karate techniques and aerobic choreographies. If you never dared trying, it's now or never!


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miniaiji, 18 years, saint simon
miniaiji, 18 years, saint simon
oué j'aimereais bien essayer sa si j'ai le temp
Published on 25/06/2012 à 11:59
Mu-chan, Gourin
Mu-chan, Gourin
Il y trop de chose à faire ! Je pourrais jamais tout voir !
Published on 02/06/2012 à 14:37
sauvanne, 15 years, Morangis
sauvanne, 15 years, Morangis
je veux tout essayerrrrrrrrrrrrrr. -et je suis d'accord avec toi azyXxXxX
Published on 31/05/2012 à 18:36

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