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A demonic atmosphere at the J.E. Live House...

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Published on 18/05/2010 - Edition

The famous heavy metal band Seikima-II is about to give a hell of a concert on the J.E. Live House stage!

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Seikima-II is a famous heavy metal band, known for their unique style and lead by the extravagant singer H.E. DEMON KAKKA. The 5 members of the band are said to be demons coming from hell to make human beings their disciples…

Dissolved in 1999 (at the end of the century), the demons start again in 2010 for a world tour and come to you at the J.E. Live House, to make sure humanity has been converted!


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anophi, 24 years, ozan
anophi, 24 years, ozan
Je ne connaissais pas =$ mais ca à l'air vraiment Epic ! \m/
Published on 21/05/2010 à 8:18
Junelo, 22 years, Pont-Rémy
Junelo, 22 years, Pont-Rémy
J'y serais peut etre ou au Japon...
Published on 20/05/2010 à 15:40
ementi, 23 years, Mordelles
ementi, 23 years, Mordelles
ça j'irais voir, c'est sur ^^
Published on 19/05/2010 à 16:01

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